FREE February Instalove Book of the Month Club – Fated to be Mine by Skye Adler

This is supposed to be my fresh start.  

I’m finally standing on my own two feet. 

Sure, my job at the bakery barely pays the bills and I hate the hours, but if it means that I’m out of my parents’ house, then I’ll take it. 

I’m hoping that things start to settle down now. No more drama or fights. I’m looking forward to having a boring life after years of too much excitement and stress living with my parents. 

Then he shows up. 

She’s who I’ve been searching for.  

I’ve been searching for my fated mate for the last three years with no success. 

There hasn’t been even the smallest trace of her until, suddenly, she’s right in front of me. 

I don’t make the best first impression but that’s okay. Now that I’ve found her, I’ve got the rest of my life to convince her that she’s fated to be mine.

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