Chasing Glory Pre-Order Live!

Have you read Where Liberty Dwells? Remember Liberty’s brother Chase? He carries out a forbidden prison romance with a younger curvy woman.

He did the crime. He’s doing the time. And now he’s about to break the rules again… for her

Discharged and disgruntled, Chase Franklin traded in his Army fatigues for a prison jumpsuit when he confronted his sister’s cheating husband. The last thing he wants to do is attend mandatory counseling for an outburst he doesn’t regret, that is, until he meets Dr. Gloria Moore.

He’s only there to listen to her words, but he can’t help but take in every curve of her body, or the way her speech jilts under his gaze. And as desires reveal themselves, he can’t help but dig deeper. But when he learns the truth, he knows he must do everything in his power to protect her—even from herself.

He’s lost too much. She has everything to lose. Can their forbidden love save them both or will it end in ruin?

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